About Us

CALANSCIO AUTO PARTS  was  established  in  Libya  and  is  located  in  the  heart  of  Tripoli.
Since  its  inception  we  have  attracted  many  car  owners  and  consider  them  our  partners.
 Our  motto  is  to  promote  better  business  relations  by  providing  our  customers  with  the  best services  we  can  offer  and  assure  them  our  co-operation.
We  specialize  in  new  automotive  parts  and  trucks,  Calanscio  Auto  Parts  deals  with  both genuine  and  aftermarket  parts  in  order  to  satisfy  our  clients  according  to  their  requirements.
Calanscio  has  a  subsidiary  company,  World  of  Trucks LTD,  which  is  specialized  in  truck  and  heavy  equipment’s  parts.
The  main  office  of  Calanscio  is  located  in  Tripoli  and  it  owns  two  shops,  one  located  in centre of Tripoli  and  the  second  in  the  west  of  Tripoli.
We  deal  with  the  leading  manufacturers  of  spare  parts  to  reach  the  best  and  most  reliable parts.
CALANSCIO AUTO PARTS has  achieved  a  solid  reputation  in  the  market  in  price  as  well  as range  and  quality  of  services  we  provide  to  our  customers.
We  supply  customers  running  large  and  middle  range  services  and  bodyshop  centers,  which prefer  to  order  necessary  spare  parts  directly  from  one  central  source  for  better  terms  and conditions,  faster  and  reliable  logistics  than  they  are  usually  offered  from  the  next-door dealership.  Among  our  customers  there  is  a  number  of  independent  middle  range  workshops owners,  interested  in  quick  delivery  of  top  quality  spares  for  different  brands  and  models  of  auto  vehicles  in  a  single  dispatch  for  comfortable  prices  and  on  reliable  terms.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to the leading automotive spare parts supplier in the market and automotive service provider to achieve the highest quality service for maximum customer satisfaction and sustainable growth and profitability.

Our Mission

– To  achieve  the  highest  level  of  customer  satisfaction.
–  To  ensure  work  completion  within  the  stipulated  time  frame.
– To  deliver  the  highest  quality  of  work  in  the  most  efficient  and  economical  way.